Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Timescape" by Gregory Benford

This novel "Timescape" by Gregory Benford is a strange science fiction novel. Written in 1980, it depicts World set in years 1963 and 1998. 

In this future, year 1998, world is undergoing food and energy shortage. In a story, scientists working in UK discovered a subatomic particle, tachyon, that could travel faster than light speed and even travel in the past. Using tachyons, physicists then are trying to communicate with the scientists back in year 1963 in USA and share some critical information that could help to avert future natural catastrophes. But for some reason, the way messages are received by physicists in the past, in year 1963, are seen as artifact, an experimental error and become subject of ridicule of the scientist who shared it with his colleagues.

In general, the novel alternates between discussions about physics of time travel and associated paradoxes and the crises affecting people's personal lives.  

For me, personally, the book was quite difficult to read and most importantly not believable. Depiction of world in 1998 totally missed the point. I can't seriously consider science fiction book where time period is so off target. 

posted by David Usharauli  

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