Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Earth" by David Brin - 50% review

Science fiction novel "Earth" by David Brin is a complex story set in near future. However, it is really hard to read. I read half the book and then decided to stop. It reads as if documentary story rather than truly science fiction novel.  

Science fiction plot itself revolves around discovery of artificial black holes in the center of earth. However, lot of pages are devoted to description of future Earth where global warming has melted Antarctica and where several religious sects sprung up which are devoted to Gaia or Sun. Many animals went extinct and genetically created nd housed in de novo in Arcs around  the world.

The book talks about Helvetian war, kind of WWIII, that supposedly happened in central Europe, against Alpine gnomes (people who controlled treasures held in Swiss Banks). Strange idea. 

The book is set around year 2032. Earth population is ageing. Vegetarianism is widespread. There are floods across globe, population re-location and strict birth control projects are common. 

In addition, the author also inserted pages dedicated to evolution of life on Earth.    

In the end, this novel is a mix of reality and some science fiction. I found it difficult to follow. It has to many separate, unrelated topics.

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