Monday, August 3, 2015

Historical novel set in 17th century Bavaria

Re-published with modification.

This novel is part of historical series by Oliver P√∂tzsch with fictional portrayal of lives of people in a small Bavarian town of Schongau. The series follows daily activity of town's feared executioner and his daughter. In this particular book father and daughter are trying to help midwife who is wrongfully accused of witchcraft. Initially the story plot seems quite complex but in the end it appears very simple. Book is quite easy read.

The book provides very useful description of human irrationality and hatred when faced with difficult situations, especially aftermath of Thirty Years' war (1618-1648), what many historians call the first European war. 

Book describes miserable lives of women in 17th century, constantly pregnant and dying during childbirth with the hate for their husbands. 

It shows how a midwife is accused of killing children she helped to deliver during their mother's difficult pregnancies.

Such cognitive dissonance is a fundamental human flaw that we as 21st century humans have yet to overcome.

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