Sunday, August 16, 2015

"OFFworld" by Robin Parrish - Review

I only read this book because its short summary was quite unusual. It did really start very promising. 

NASA mission to MARS coming to an end. Everything going smooth on MARS, except there is 18h period when mission leader, Chris, is lost during unexpected martian sand storm and later found unconscious nearby the mission camp. He does not remember what happened. His memory for this 18h period is coming as short flashes, occasionally.

Meanwhile, mission is returning to Earth after 2.5 years. Suddenly, when just 60 days is left to reach Earth, space craft loosing all contacts with Earth. Eventually they approached Earth and managed with some difficulty to land in Florida on autopilot mode. 

At this stage they realized that Earth is empty. Every living things have disappeared. They have no idea what happened.

Surprisingly on the way to Houston, where NASA HQ is located, they meet a strange young girl, only living person they found so far. They can't explain why she survived this "disappearance".

Afterwards, everything is too uninteresting. It turned out that two scientists developed some type of supercomputer which can manipulate time and space. For some reason, this technology ended up in the hand of rogue general who is disappointed how governments are running the world and decided to change it with the help of this supercomputer. 

In the end, NASA team managed to defeat the general and bring people and living things back to Earth.

This novel is more of a fantasy, rather than science fiction.

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