Sunday, August 2, 2015

From weebly to blogger

I have started to transition my book review blog titled "Book That Conned Me" from weebly blog to blogger. I kept weebly blog for few months and eventually decided it is less user friendly compared to blogger. So I am going to move all my book review posts from weebly to this new blog.

If you wonder why I call my blog "Book That Conned Me", here my simple explanation: I like to read books but I also like to read books that provide some value. Frequently I happened to read books that had good online reviews but which I found to be totally devoid of any value. So in the end, it is my point of view that a given book may surprise or disappoint you and there is no way to tell these two apart until you read it. So, in the end, it is a chance event with high probability for wasting time.

David Usharauli

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