Sunday, February 19, 2017

"A Conspiracy of Paper" - 1st financial bubble in European history

Set in London in the beginning of 18th century this mystery novel describes fictionalized account of financial machinations that later has became known as bubbles.

Ben Weaver has become involved in investigation of what appears to be an accidental death of his father, a stock-jobber (as stockbrokers were known initially).

As investigation progresses, Weaver realized that his father was murdered by people who wanted to protect their illegal activity related to forged paper funds. If knowledge of existence of such falsified papers would become a public knowledge it could have created a panic and collapse of newly developed financial market based on selling and buying companies' shares/funds.    

This is fast paced novel, full of twists and turns and the real perpetrator of crimes would not become known until very end.

A good read indeed.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Shinju: the conspiracy of 21 against Shogun

This was an interesting book. I liked the main character, an idealistic and non-conformist detective who uncovers political conspiracy by investigating what appears on the surface a "double forbidden-love suicide", shinju. 

This detective, Sano Ichiro, did not back down under political pressure and until very end it appeared he is going to lose his life as well, besides have already been dismissed from his job due to insubordination. 

However, by exposing conspiracy against Japanese Shogun Sano Ichiro regains his prestige and name.

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