Saturday, August 29, 2015

"Academia to Biotechnology" by Jeffrey M. Gimble

This book "Academia to Biotechnology" by Jeffrey M. Gimble was published in 2004. Its author worked both in university and biotech industry. It is relatively short book (less than 200 pages), and it has an interesting title. It summary promised to reveal some first hand knowledge about career options in both academia and biotech industry.

It is always interesting to learn more about people's personal experience in science. However, for some reason, book authors, including this one, rarely talking about their own personal experiences, just providing generic "wisdoms" similar found in any management books.

Though this book start quite boldly, within few pages it starts to become boring and utterly disappointing. It absolutely lacks any personal touch. What is the point writing book about your career experience if you do not provide meaningful examples?

I can understand politeness, but if politeness prevents you writing book that has any value for a reader, then maybe it is not right moment for its publication. Just talking about patents, grants and publication in general terms do not constitute a value. 

I am not sure whether my criticism should be directed to the author or to the publisher. Both of them should carry a burden and incentive to publish books that provide meaningful values. With the regard of this book, however, both the author and publisher failed to leave up to reader's expectations.

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