Monday, August 3, 2015

Conqueror by Stephen Baxter

I came across this historical novel by Stephen Baxter at local library. I would say it is a very good novel to learn a little bit about British history from the fall of Roman Empire in the end of the 5th century to Norman conquest of England in 11th century.

The novel follows real life events of British history that were supposedly predicted in 5th century prophecy of Isolde. It talks about Saxon invasion after fall of Rome, that was followed by several invasions by Vikings from then Norway and Denmark and in the end, it culminates with the 11th century D-Day of Norman invasion led by William the Conqueror.

Nice thing about this novel is the fact that even though author's description of living conditions and brutality of dark ages are very vivid, he still managed to make it "easy" to read and digestible for modern readers. Stephen Baxter managed to write fiction without changing reality. 

In general, this time period of European history is truly dark ages. Even though there exist sufficient information about it, we, general public still do not know much about it. Somehow it is forgotten.

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