Saturday, August 22, 2015

"A Biotech Manager's Handbook: A Practical Guide" by O'Neill and Hopkins

I am very curious person and like to understand how things really work. A biotech industry is a complex network of small research labs or campuses where the majority of new therapeutic drugs originate. It is the place where great academic discoveries will be tested and baptized in the real world. 

But how biotech works? Interestingly, majority of biotech companies never make any profit during their life-span. Almost 40% of investments in biotech sector are never recovered, either. So, why are investors still continuing investing in these companies?

Now, if you think this book would provide an answer, you are mistaken. In general, I started to realize that no single book can provide an adequate answer. For me books are like a long reviews where the most important parts should be "personal observations" and/or inclusion of information not readily available in public domains. This book tries to do some of it but it has still a long way to go before achieving any meaningful impact on the reader, like myself.

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