Tuesday, May 3, 2016

John Scalzi's "Fuzzy Nation"

I enjoyed reading this short science fiction novel. It was funny too that is quite rare.

The novel is about exploration and exploitation (E&E) of alien planet Zara 23 by a big [evil] Corporation. One of the contractor, who is a decent guy but has a little bit non-scrupulous nature, comes across sentient and sapient "animals". 

Galactic rules dictates that once sentient species are discovered whole of E&E operation on the planet should stop. As it happens both corporation and this particular contractor would greatly benefit financially by continuing E&E on the planet.

In the end, "good" nature wins over greed and contractor with the help of few friends and sapient "animals" called "fuzzies" defeats Corporation and independent fuzzy nation is established on Zara 23.     

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