Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My take on Orhan Pamuk's "My name is Red"

I started to read this novel but after 100 pages or so I totally lost interest in it. Someone might say that good stuff will come later, but in my view, if writing is not able to capture readers attention within few pages, the author should not expect that reader will be patient and stick with the novel till the end.    

As you might know, based on my reviews, I really enjoy historical novels. I thought historical novel set in late 16th century Istanbul is quite interesting.

However, unlike Iain Pears' historical mystery novel "An Instance of the Fingerpost" that has the similar structure as Pamuk's novel, "My name is Red" is divided into so many small chapters that it makes it very cumbersome to follow.

I did notice that within first 100 pages of the novel Pamuk mentioned Tamerlane's name (14th century Mongol Khan) several times. It appears that Tamerlane had inflicted on Ottoman Turks severe psychological and national trauma that lasted very long time. I am referring to Ottoman defeat and capture of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid by Tamerlane's Mongol army in the battle of Angora in 1402.
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