Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Law (3rd Edition)

For many people to be a successful entrepreneur or the owner of their own business is a big accomplishments. And it is. But it is very tough. Though US has a very high ranking in "ease" of "starting business", after reading good part of this book I am not so sure about validity of it anymore.

This particular book is a 3rd edition in this series, published in 2007. These series have a good reputation for providing accessible and easy to digest information about almost every step of entrepreneurial endeavor.  

I do find it quite easy to read. One really good thing about these series is that the authors provide the real "business" world examples for each topic.

In my view, these series will be very useful for someone who plans to start business or occupies executive position in any private company. 

posted by David Usharauli

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