Friday, March 18, 2016

Garry Wills' "Augustine's Confessions - A Biography"

After reading historical novel "Julian" and sci-fi book "Calculating GOD", I became interested to learn a little bit more about early Christianity, and Christian concept of omnipotent God. I thought I could read something from Saint Augustine, a north African who lived in a Roman world (end of 4th / beginning of 5th century AD). Saint Augustine of Hippo is considered one of the most influential religious authority in Western Christianity. 

Apparently, Saint Augustine was very prolific religious writer and he authored many books. His "Confessions" and "City of God" are most recognized.

I decided to read this short interpretation of Saint Augustine's "Confessions". While I learned more about Saint Augustine, it was disappointing that it did not contain much about Christian concepts, not even short overview.    

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