Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Review of "Dark Orbit" by Carolyn Ives Gilman

The story starts really great. It is set in distant galaxy where humans are living in a planetary federation made of 20 planets, called Capellan 2.  

It appears that society is quite advanced technologically but politically it is developing into authoritative regime due to do strong anti-governmental movements. 

Here is one funny thing. They have beam teleportation technology but they still are using pagers for notifications. This seems out of character.

Basically, team of scientists are beamed to old space station located 58 light years away. There they discovered a planet with strange unknown biosphere that hides indigenous blind people. 

It appears that planet has a wormhole-type port through which local people can travel across time and space instantaneously. However, planet is undergo strong electromagnetic filed that threatens to destroy both spaceship and planets.

In the end, somehow, they managed to escape through wormhole. Great. There is a parallel story told in first person by one of the protagonists, Thora Lassiter. She becomes involved in movement to liberate women from male domination on planet Orem. Sounds like a good old Earth.   

In summary, novel's ending is pretty much mambo jambo. 

David Usharauli

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