Thursday, November 12, 2015

More real than fantasy. Review of "The Goblin Emperor" by Katherine Addison

Just finished reading "The Goblin Emperor" by Katherine Addison. This fantasy novel was actually nominated for Hugo award this year.    

I was very surprised that the author wrote this novel as a fantasy. I found nothing in this novel that did not actually happen in annals of real World history [except, of course, calling novel's characters goblins or elves].

The novel itself is very good and easy to read with lots of court intrigues. It describes first 6 months since Maia's character, King's youngest half-goblin prince, ascends the elvish throne [by chance]. Changes in Maia's life during this time period is well developed.

It is very strange that even though Maia had experienced very difficult, abusive childhood, the author decided to portray him as well behaved, well balanced young man [with no tendency to cruelty, abuse or superficiality]. Moreover, without formal education in statesmanship, somehow Maia is able to intuitively navigate a complex web of intrigues he encounters in Elvish court. Readers are only told that Maia is well versed in history of his kingdom.

In the end this novel is for kids, not for adults. It is very simple and everything is explained.

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