Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Seleucid Empire: empire without trace

Seleucid Empire existed for more than 200 years inheriting the largest part of Asian territories conquered by Alexander the Great during his Asian campaign. 

Its history is not well known. It was founded by one of the Alexander's general, Seleucus, around 312/311 B.C. This alien Macedonian (seleucid) dynasty ruled people of middle east who were before ruled by Achaemenids of Ancient Persia.

For me the most intriguing question of post-Alexander's age is how it was possible that people of Middle East accepted foreign rule without much resistance.

However, this book did not even discuss it as if the answer was obvious one. Not really. Moreover, book content is organized quite unusual way making it difficult to follow and derive any valuable information, if any. It really bothers me when I see that book has an interesting title but content is totally useless and hard to digest. I can not recommend this book to anyone. 

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