Sunday, December 13, 2015

Review of sci-fi novel "Leviathan wakes" by James S.A. Corey

I read this book after I saw the first episode of syfy TV series "The Expanse" that is based on this novel. That TV episode was very good. 
I had not heard about this author or about these novels until I saw it on a syfy YouTube channel, free to watch [~ 35 min episode]. I will highly recommend to watch it. Also I think it is for the first time, if I am not mistaken, that I read a book after I saw its TV adaptation [not exact adaptation but close]. 
The novel itself was also quite satisfying, at least its first half was really good. I really liked the idea of dividing humankind that colonized solar system into three subcultures: Earth, Mars and Belt. 
The novel starts with destruction of two Belt space ships. Initially Belt people suspect that it is Martian fleet that attacked them. However, it turned out that Earth corporation was behind it to cover up the discovery of alien life form.
The alien story is too unscientific to be believable but sub-cultural relationship, including inter-personal relationship like between Miller and Holden or Naomi are well described and interesting to read. 

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