Friday, June 3, 2016

The Historical Jesus in Context

This is another book about Jesus and early Christianity that was available to read. Previously I read few books about this subject and still I felt that I needed more to better understand the topic. 

One reason I decided to read this particular book was the fact that I thought it would have "explanations" and "interpretations" of the numerous archaeological and historical facts about 1st century Jewish state and environment where Jesus grew up.

In fact 1st chapter of the book where one of the authors summarizes the whole topic is truly excellent and I was very excited to continue reading.

However, after first chapter, the rest of the book was a total disappointment. Basically, other chapters are about translations of newly found ancient texts that could have influenced Jewish people thinking about world or religion in 1st century AD. 

These chapters contained none or very limited "interpretations", so their value was lost to someone like myself.

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