Monday, October 26, 2015

Biotech valuation

I tried to read these two books to introduce myself to biotech valuation. I had no clear idea what actually "valuation" meant. I wanted to learn a little bit about biotech investment strategies and how to appraise a company's financial "worthiness".  

I thought these books would be easy to understand for the beginners who are not familiar with professional assessment of biotech stocks [I thought books were about it]. However I was mistaken. Book is filled with all kind of graphs and mathematical equations or formulas that had nothing to do with investment and were more advance than my math skills could handle.

Beyond numbers, however, books contained little useful information for me. I thought I would learn, for example, why a particular biotech pipeline is valued so and so. Real life examples. I found none of these. What a waste of time.

posted by David Usharauli

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