Monday, September 14, 2015

Review of "Networking For Nerds" by Alaina Levine

I came across the reference to this book while browsing journal Science news/views career section. In our time when achieving old-fashioned academic science career has become as remote possibility as mythical labours of Hercules, STEM people frequently looking for alternative option to contribute value to the society.   

While book tries to be a honest portrayal of alternative science career [with some real life examples], it falls short of its proposed goal. 

The author does not have any unique advice to tell. Only thing the author suggests over and over again is not to be a shy and to start reaching out to people in career opportunities one finds interesting. I hardly imagine anyone who would disagree with this statements or have not thought about it. What is missing for this book is the idea that there are myriad ways of networking, not just one "standard". 

In my view the author also overusing word NERD. The focus of this book are people in STEM career and but very few people qualify under definition of NERD. Nerd by definition cannot and more importantly wouldn't network in a sense advocated by this book. And thanks for that, otherwise everyone would become copycats. 

posted by David Usharauli

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